Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow-pocalypse, the Sequel!

When last we saw our intrepid shoveling hero, Mark the Magnificent, he was resting comfortably by the warm fireplace, hot chocolate in his hands.
Alas, the snow was piling up faster than you can say "Super Snowflakes, Batman!"
Wait, that's another hero story....

Yep, round 4 of the shoveling game and Mark is wondering if it will ever stop.
Hmmm....not right now apparently!
He was trying to clear a spot along the fence and front gate, making more room for the dogs to have a 'spot'.

The sledding dreams had been abandoned at the moment, blowing snow isn't much fun for anyone.

Emma was so upset that Buster and Susie were outside with out their coats, but really, she wasn't into sacrificing herself this way!
That's a really weird snow angel, Em!

Susie says, "Mom, is she playing or stuck? I'm not certified as a St. Bernard rescue dog you know!"

Meanwhile, Buster is just trying to find the perfect 'spot' since he's been hanging on by a thread all afternoon. Apparently it's just too much to mess with trying to get over to his favorite swing support!

"Help, can anyone hear me? I'm too short and I can't get out!"

I don't think I shared with Emma that it wasn't a good idea to try and swing today. Or is she just asleep? Hard to tell with a pre-teen!

Oh, wait, she was just trying to find some clean snow to eat - surely that was obvious, wasn't it?
Emma, I think there is PLENTY to choose from! You should be set for a few days....

Ahhh, morning breaks and there are blue skies to greet us!
It really is beautiful to look at, eh?

Yep, it really is THAT deep. What you can't see is that his car is sitting on about 6 inches of snow. It had been snowing for hours when Mark got home Friday night, he had a tough time even parking close to the curb!

The view from the street at the mountain of snow in my front yard. At least we can still find the mailbox!

Yeah, he's smiling now, but I think he's gonna be sore tomorrow!

Here's a look over the fence at my neighbor's garage and swing set. I don't think their kids will be in that sandbox anytime soon! And it looks like the fort canopy is a casualty....

Susie is just taking it all in stride. After all, it's a dog's life!

Stay warm and dry today, we'll be curled up by the fireplace later on, watching the Super Bowl. Can't get much better than that!


  1. WOW that is a lot of snow!!! I hope it is done dumping on you guys!!??!! Our little snow is now melting. Stay warm and get lots of stamping done Robin!! I can't wait to see tons of projects on your blog in the coming weeks!!!

  2. This is what I call "free insulation"--and the blue skies after a snowstorm are bright and beautiful, too! We only got an inch here in NW NJ this time. (Found your blog through iSTAMP.)

  3. Wow! That is just crazy! I love your pics and commentary! I hope you guys are warming up a bit.


  4. I remember days like that when I lived in Md over 35 yrs ago!! We had a snowstorm in 1956 where it snowed for a week, a blizzard snowed shut all our "country roads" and we were snowed in for a week until the snowplows could get through!! Of course us kids thought it was fun!!

  5. great snow pics! nice to see the dogs,Emma, and Mark all having fun in it.


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