Wednesday, May 5, 2010

After Cruise Blues!

Yes, my stamping friends - it's back to reality in the Merriman home!
After a week of pampering, spoiling and just plain decadence, we are back to making our own beds, washing our own clothes and cooking our own meals. I think I need another vacation! :)

I actually am very happy to be back and after the fabulous time we had last week am ready to get back to work - stamping!
The cruise was truly an incredibly relaxing and fun experience for our whole family. After all the struggles of the past year, we were able to leave it all behind for a few magical days and enjoy fun in the sun as a family and with wonderful friends! Here are just a few photos of our trip, I'll have more to share over the coming days - can't wait to show you the ones from our zipline excursion! And I have some creative projects to share with you too!

This photo is one of my faves - Emma in front of the ship in Barbados.

Yes, we are still in love after almost 19 years!

Just one of my yummy desserts - shocker - there is NO chocolate in this one!

Beautiful blue skies over Antigua as we head out on our Pirate Adventure!

Don't we look ready for some fun in the sun?

Wow, what a contrast between the two ships!

Ahhh, Tiramisu at our Portofino dinner - amazing!

Such cute animals on our bed each night!

You know this is not on my Weight Watchers Plan!
But it sure was delish!

It was just the perfect day!
Warm tropical water, beautiful blue skies and my fabulous kiddo right there with me.
It just doesn't get any better than that!

I'll be back later today with a card for you all!

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  1. Glad to have you home, but it sounds like you had a wonderful stress-free vacation!!! It sounds like you were all pampered just like you deserve!!!

    So proud of you, my friend!


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