Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How Do You Spell S-I-C-K?

According to my husband, it's probably M-i-g-r-a-i-n-e!
So there I was yesterday, just chugging right along cutting cardstock for my stamp camp at Tall Oaks last night and BOOM - I got this awful pain in my head, the room started to tilt and I was very sick to my stomach. About an hour and a half later my daughter came home from school to find me curled up on the floor next to the studio. I think I scared her to death, poor thing, but I was so sick! Needless to say, I didn't get to stamp with my Tall Oaks group last night but spent the evening curled up on the sofa hoping to feel normal again.

The past few days I've had these sharp pains in my head, but I thought it was sinus trouble because I have seasonal allergies, but when Mark researched Migraines online, he found that those are signs that one is coming on. And, apparently I'm "at that age" (don't you just love hearing THAT!) when migraine headaches can occur because of hormonal changes. I have to say, this is NOT the birthday gift I was hoping for in a couple of weeks!
Anyway, if you have any words of wisdom for me, I'm all ears - this is an entirely new thing to me. Fortunately I'm feeling better this morning and I can tell ya -I don't want to feel that sick again!

Ok, enough whining - here is a card for you today:

Something bright and kinda fun to start your day! It's kinda funny how a card project starts for me sometimes, this one came about because of that little strip of designer paper. You see, it's the opposite side of the paper I used on this card here the other day. I'd actually started that project with this side in mind, but my mind went a little south seas on me and you got a different look instead. So, I had this little piece just laying on the counter all lonely like and I thought well, I can't just throw it away! So, I designed this card around it.

It was pretty easy to decide to use the Tropical Party stamp set again, I've been having fun with that one, but I pulled out a Texture plate with my Big Shot that hadn't seen the light of day in a while and I love how it combined with the other elements. You can see the texture best in the last photo of the card.

Most of the card came together fairly easy, but I would change one thing:

As much as I like the ribbon treatment here, I wouldn't do this for a class - it's a pain in the patootie! Unraveling one side is easy enough, but MAN, the other side took forever! Not fun for the easily frustrated, so when we do this card in class - and we probably will - I'll have a different ribbon treatment for you, ok?

The little greeting was done with the Tiny Tags stamp set which carried over from the Mini Catalog so it's still available - yay! I simply markered it for the two tone effect before turning it into a circle tag with the little tie of Linen Thread. There is a Stampin' Dimensional behind it to keep it in place.

And for the inside, I just huffed on the stamp from creating my focal image and added the palm tree for a little color there too. Most cards need something on the inside, dontcha think?

So, there you go - the story of my life for the last 24 hours and a fun card too. I'm hoping to get back in the studio today and stamp a bit, I've got some design team work to complete and I'm also getting ready for Becky's party on Thursday night then I leave on Friday for Pennsylvania. I've had the honor of being asked to speak at Jan Wakeland's RemARKable Stampers Meeting this weekend and I'm really looking forward to being with this fun group!
Let's just hope Mr. Migraine doesn't pay me another visit - can ya say a prayer or two for me? Thanks stamping friends - ya'll are the best!

Stamped blessings,

Supply List (All SU!):
Stamps: Tropical Party (clear mount), Tiny Tags (wood mount)
Inks: Stampin' Write Markers - Old Olive, Chocolate Chip, Rose Red
Cardstock: Old Olive, Whisper White, Rose Red
Accessories: Island Oasis DSP, Rose Red 1/4" Grosgrain Ribbon, Linen Thread, 3/4" Circle punch, 1" Circle Punch, 1/16" Handheld punch, Stampin' Dimensionals, Big Shot, Texturz Plates


  1. Robin,
    Love the bright colors on your card. I get migraines...not fun. My doctor always tells me as soon as you feel them coming on to take medicine. Sometimes I try to wait it out, but when I take the medicine quickly it gets rid of it. I'd suggest Excedrin Migraine. Hope you don't have another one soon!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that you were that ill. Thinking of you. Your card is gorgeous!

  3. Very pretty. Love what you did with the ribbon. TFS!

  4. Oh Poor thing! I hope your feeling much better soon and that the nasty M won't ever return! Your card is so so pretty! Love the ribbon!

  5. Sorry to hear that you were sick. Although I do not suffer from migraines, some of my friends do. They are awful!!!

    Your card is adorable!!! Thanks for the advice on the ribbon!!

  6. Hi Robin, Sorry to hear about your migraine. I used to get them right before "that time of the month" and they stopped when I went on the pill for hormones (I'm already at "that age"). Had some problems with the pill, stopped taking them and the headaches came back, just not as bad. I recently changed by diet (went on Jenny Craig for a couple of months) and began eating more fruits, vegetables, no sodas, etc... and I haven't had a headache since. Definitely check in with your doctor to make sure nothing else is going on - hope you feel better :-) Love checking your blog for ideas too - thanks!

  7. Robin,

    I'm so sorry you experienced that. I have been suffering from headaches (including migraines) for 15 of my 29 years of existence. It is NOT fun. I agree with Lynn--when the pre-symptoms start that's when to treat it (the spinning room, etc)...those are "indicators." I usually have a 30 minute window before the pain actually starts. If I can get to medicine quick enough, it lessons the pain of the migraine. If I can't, only a dark room and an ice pack will help. Bless your heart. I hope you don't suffer from any more. I just had my first case of aphasia with mine (where you can't speak clearly) and it scared me to death! So I know how frightening that must have been for you. If they persist, talk to your doctor.

    Amy :)

  8. Hi, Robin! I get Migraine headaches, too. I now have a prescription for Relpax. See your doctor and ask for a prescription to a migraine medication. There are several on the market, but the key is to take the medicine as soon as you feel a migraine coming on. You need to catch it early, or it can develop into one that may last several days. I am also "of that age" and they do seem to get worse. I hope you feel better and do not get another migraine on the 15th -- I am looking forward to hearing you speak at the RemARKable Stampers meeting! :-)

  9. Love your card Robin! So fun and cheery! Sorry to hear you're experiencing migraines! I feel your pain! (I've had them since I was in the third grade!!) Aside from the prescription medications that I have, the best relief is a quiet, dark room with an ice pack strapped to my head! Hope you feel better very soon! :D

  10. HI Robin
    Love what you did with the ribbon! So cute! I HATE migraines, that sucks that your getting them; I had one on make n' take night on the cruise, that's why I ducked out early. Sounds like you've got a lot of info on here already; I agree with them all: dark room, and meds ASAP!
    hope they stay away and it was just a one off!

  11. Robin, please see your doctor to be SURE it's a migrane. Sudden onset headaches are nothing to ignore. I hope it's the worst and last migrane you ever have! I've had many myself, now I get muscle spasm headaches that mimick migranes. P.S. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!


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