Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Birthday to Remember!

Can I just tell ya - yesterday was one of my BEST Birthdays EVER!
I am feeling like one of the most loved, most appreciated gals on the planet right now - what an overwhelming outpouring of Birthday wishes came my way yesterday! Between the phone calls, e-mails, facebook posts and messages, blog comments, texts and of course - cards, YOU just made me one VERY blessed birthday girl!
Thanks so much for all your sweet words and comments - they (and you) mean the world to me and in many cases, moved me to tears.

Here are just a few highlights of my special day - and yep, they all involve FOOD! Eating is my other hobby! LOL!

Here I am with my FIRST decadent dessert of the day - a fabulous Lemon Cupcake from a local bakery cafe - yummylicious!

My BFF Lissa - who is, gasp - NOT a demonstrator!, took me to a wonderful lunch at the Olive Garden where I ate way too much of that cheesey chicken pasta dish they've been advertising lately - it was GOOD! And then she MADE me go get a cupcake too! Yep, totally twisted my arm! Isn't that a great friend! :)
Here is a picture of both of us with our desserts - yep, she had a mocha napoleon of some sort and even bought a box of 4 more to take home! She will totally kill me for posting this picture of her, but hopefully she won't kill me too bad because then she won't have a partner in crime anymore for impromptu Target and Caribou Coffee runs! Love ya girlfriend!

Next we have a photo of me with yet another yummy dessert - actually it's just ice cream and whipped cream - but it has SPRINKLES people! And a big pink birthday candle!
Yep, Mark and Emma took me to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner and somehow, someone let it out that it was my birthday, so I was treated to the singing, clapping and the whole embarrassing shebang!
But, it was fun! Not really complaining! :)

Emma took this picture of me and Mark - turned out pretty good, eh? He's such a handsome guy! I am one lucky wife!

And one last shot of me with Mark and Emma.

It was the perfect day - the weather was amazing and we got to sit outside and enjoy the light breeze and blue, blue sky - It was truly wonderful!
I don't have a photo, thank goodness or you would really think I was an oink, oink - pig!, but when we got home, there were fabulously yummy chocolate cupcakes waiting for me with about two inches of buttercream icing on top! Didn't take me long to finish mine off! :) And it was a great way to end the perfect birthday!

Don't forget that my birthday blog candy post is open until Friday so if you want to be eligible to win, check out yesterday's post and leave a comment!
If you are a client of mine - you know my big birthday sale runs through Saturday too, so don't wait to contact me! There is a prize package at stake for all who order from my sale! :)

Stamped blessings,


  1. What a great birthday! The pictures were great - of course, they have yummy looking food in them. (Okay. Okay....the people are good looking, too.) I think you should continue celebrating for the rest of the month - at least. Jean

  2. "happy birthday chickie" eat ~ stamp ~ enjoy!!! lol, mine was just the other day... I'm still "suffering" from a visit by the chocolate cream pie fairy!! R ;)

  3. Happy belated birthday, Robin! I'm glad you had such a wonderful day! I love all the pictures you shared!



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