Friday, May 7, 2010

A RAK and a Bonus!

Last week while I was on the cruise, I showed you a few RAK's from my stampin' friends. RAK means Random Act of Kindness and in a stampers case, in the form of a card or handmade gift. I love getting what I call "happy mail" from my friends - it is always something beautiful!

Well, I had a few more that I didn't have time to photograph before I left and I'll be showing you those in the coming days, starting with this beauty from my buddy Selene Kempton. Selene and I met at my first Founder's Circle Retreat the year we both earned spots among the Rising Stars and have been buds ever since. She is also the sketch genius at our shared teaching blog Stamping 411. Love this girl to pieces!

Just look at this beautiful card she sent me:

Isn't this just fresh, bright and fun?! I love how happy it makes me feel!
And looky at this next photo - see what else she sent me?!

Yep, the title of that candy bar says it all "Exceptionals"! It's a hugemongous, luscious dark chocolate bar (my fave of faves!) and I'm having a hard time eating just a square at a time - it's yummy delicious! :)

Thanks so much Selene for my beautiful card and this 'exceptional' goodie!

Have a blessed day everyone,

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  1. Oh thank you Robin! I'm so excited you liked everything... now... Did you get the golden ticket??? That's no ordinary bar of chocolate! That's a wonka bar! :)


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