Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Apple Tradition Continues........

If you've been a regular reader of my blog, you probably know that our family has a little tradition each fall. We go apple picking. Now, to some, that may not be very exciting, but to us, it's one of the most wonderful family days we spend together each year. We love driving just an hour west of here to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah Valley areas which, in my opinion, is some of the most beautiful land on this earth. I was born and raised here and even though I've been fortunate to travel extensively and seen many beautiful places, none brings me quite the contented pleasure of the beauty in my own backyard.

In the fall especially, the sky is bluer, the colors crisper and deeper and the air sings with the promise of the season. It is such a gift from God to be able to witness this beauty every year.
Our apple picking trips are a cherished treasure of time away from the craziness that surrounds our everyday lives. Doesn't it just take your breath away to see these bounty filled trees stretched out in front of you? The sight and smells of it never fail to fill up my senses.

It's been fun to take photos every year and seeing Emma grow each time makes my heart skip a beat or two. What I really love is that she still treasures these trips as much as Mark and I do and looks forward to it even at the advanced age of almost 13.

We added a member to our outing this year and took along one of our pastors, Brandon. Since he relocated here about a year ago, we've considered him part of our family and love him like he's our own. It wouldn't have been a family day without him!
Brandon primarily works with the youth in our church, but he shares the Sunday preaching duties as well and is a huge blessing not only to our family, but to our church family too!

Here are few photos that I liked especially well this year. Emma in an apple tree:

The two loves of my life:

Emma and Brandon making sure the apples are just right!

They took time to play a game of checkers - I'm not sure who eventually won, but they scarfed down a few apple donuts in the process!

Yeah, did I mention those fresh, sugary-crunchy outside, warm cakey goodness inside right from the bakery AMAZING apple donuts? No? Well, let me show you......

Yep, I ate 4. And brought home another dozen. Please don't tell my Weight Watchers leader!

I love this photo of Mark and I on the porch of the orchard's main building.
There is a beautiful view of the orchard rows and the mountains beyond them from this vantage point and I could really sit here and rock all day long.

But of course, there was still the clowning around to do:

Emma conquers the giant pumpkin and her sidekicks attempt to carry her away on it!

And we couldn't resist taking a ride in the apple truck........
Emma got her head stuck in one of the holes, but I won't show you that picture. I value my life.

And just for old times sake, we tried to ride the cow train, but sadly, we didn't quite fit anymore.
Too many apple donuts probably!

Now this is probably one of my favorite photos of the day.
On the way to the orchard, we pass this street - how cool that there is a street named just for us! :) Maybe this will be our Christmas photo this year.......

So, the second part of our tradition is to come home and make fresh, homemade apple pie!
I'll never forget the year after I'd cleaned out a lot of my old pottery pieces from my former company and without thinking, sold both of my pie plates!~ I had to call my friend Lissa and borrow hers that year! Yep, I had to give up some pie for it too!
Now, we have four pie plates - I'll never make that mistake again!

Brandon and Emma went to work with the apple corer gadget and turned those shiny round balls of tart, sweet goodness into this:

And about an hour later, the three pie chefs had this to show off:

Yeah! Don't you wish you lived in my house this week?!

Oh man, just look at that perfect slice!

Only made yummier by adding two scoops of Vanilla ice cream!
Goodness! Writing this post has made me want some more pie! It's a good thing we made two of them!

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my life. I'd love to hear about the traditions you have with your family - leave me a comment if you'd like to share!

Have a blessed day,


  1. YUMMY; this is a big yearly tradition in my home town, too; great minds think alike!

  2. I just love days like this one! Thanks so much for always taking the time to share not only beautiful stamp projects, but also your family and fun!


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