Thursday, November 25, 2010

UDI Inspiration Challenge - Gratitude Quilt

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog today just so I could wish you a wonderful day filled with warmth, family and food! :)
Actually, I was telling Mark on Wednesday that I love how everything seems to slow down this week as we approach the holiday season. Thanksgiving is for me, a quiet day to be spent with the ones I love most in the world. We don't really do much outside of just spend the day together. We watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while we eat breakfast and after my parents arrive, we alternate between watching football or movies, reading the paper and looking over the sale ads for Black Friday and fixing and eating all that yummy food! It's wonderful just to have a low pressure, no stress, restful day. This year will be especially restful for my chef (Mark) as we purchased the bulk of our Thanksgiving dinner already prepared at our local Target! LOL! Yes, and it looks awesome, I'll let you know how it tastes later!

As I was creating my project for this week's UDI Blog Inspiration challenge, I reflected on not only the photo we had, but how this particular holiday makes me feel. And I came up with this:

I love the warm wonderfulness of our cozy Thanksgivings and it made me think of a quilt, wrapping me up in it's folds.
Here is the inspiration photo:

It too makes me feel warm as it reflects the bounty of the season.

As we look ahead to the busy, fun-filled days of the holiday season, I hope you find time today to wrap up in the warm quilt of the love of family and friends. We all have so much to be thankful for each day and I feel completely blessed by the bounty of my life. Thank you for being part of that - I appreciate you and am thankful that I have the chance to touch your life through my artwork here.
Have a beautiful, thankful Thanksgiving and may God bless you richly!

Stamped blessings,


  1. Robin this is gorgeous!!! I love how this dsp looks made into a "quilt"!

  2. just beautiful robin. the warmth of a quilt. . . i love it. great job. xox


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