Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lake Placid Adventure - Day 2!

Well, hello there! It's been a glorious day here in Lake Placid. The snow stopped, the sun came out and it looks like a painting outside! Here take a look:

Isn't that gorgeous?! I took this photo out of the front windshield of our van on the way back from Tupper Lake on Rt. 3. The team had an afternoon practice ice there and it was a stunning drive both going and coming. Simply breathtaking!

While we were up there, we needed to stop by our winter house and make sure the work was coming along nicely. Here's a picture of the front entrance:

Ok, not really, this is the Ice Castle in Saranac Lake that has been built especially for the Winter Festival that begins tomorrow! It's a magnificent structure!
I love this shot of the front with the afternoon sun shining through:

Can you imagine how many hours it must have taken to build this castle? It's amazing!
Here I am with the family next to one of the portcullis guards. He's an icy fellow!

I found my throne to be a bit wet and cold,

But you can see that clearly, Mark is the king of his castle!

We really need to get a fire going - it's a bit chilly in here for my taste.

Apparently, Coaches Laurie and Teresa didn't care for the temperature of the thrones either! Not exactly the hot seat - is that a good thing?!

Here's the BEST photo of the day, in my opinion!
These girls are ready to ROCK the house tomorrow when they compete at the Olympic Center!




  1. your pictures are breath taking! congrats to the girls to have acheved this far in their goes to show alot of hard work from alot of people; thanks for sharing & good luck; can't wait to see more pix.!

  2. We just love to see people enjoying our ice castle (I did the carvings) please come see us next year! it will be even better! RJ


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