Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lake Placid or Bust!

Good evening friends~!
Just thought I'd pop in and share a few photos of our fun, snowy adventure today. If you read my blog regularly, you know that my daughter skates on the National Blades Synchronized Skating Team. Well, this week is the Eastern Sectional Championships to determine who competes at Nationals next month in California. Needless to say, it's a pretty important competition to get to.

So, with all the bad weather headed into the Northeast, we decided to set out early and left yesterday afternoon for our trip to Lake Placid, NY. We drove as far as Albany and just said "enough is enough", got a hotel room and slept VERY well!

But look what we were greeted with in the morning!

I took this from the hotel room window, but you can see Mark standing by the van after he almost has it cleaned off. What you really can't tell is that there is about 6" of fresh snow on the ground on top of what had already fallen. The plow at least had come through the parking lot! So, Mark, my hero, dug us out and off we went - north! Yet another skating adventure!

Here is a shot out the front windshield of our van on I-87 around Saratoga Springs.

That's actually about as good as it got, we saw almost no plows once we passed this area and the snow - as of right now - is still falling steadily.

But look, just seeing this sign got us excited about what is to come this week!
Just the idea of being able to skate on Olympic ice is thrilling! Such an awesome experience for all of us!
This sign just cracked me up - even if it is SERIOUS! We don't have moose in Virginia, so no need for moose crossing signs. It reminded me and Mark of being in Hawaii and seeing the duck crossing signs. They are for a native bird that looks like a duck, I just don't remember the name of it right now. It was just different!

I know the snow is dangerous, but the sheer beauty of these mountains is simply breathtaking! I can't fully capture how gorgeous the scenery is with my cell phone camera, but this photo is pretty good. Isn't God's creation amazing?!

Here is the view from our hotel - yes, we are just across the street from history! The Lake Placid Olympic Center was the scene of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics. It was here that the famous 'Miracle on Ice' took place and USA Hockey beat the Russians! Can't you still hear Al Michaels shouting "Do you believe in miracles?"!!!!
Oh, what a moment that was for me - and then to have that team win the Gold Medal and beat Czechoslovakia was just over the top. Just amazing! If you don't remember it, or want to relive it, you NEED to see the movie that Disney made with Kurt Russell. It's called 'Miracle' and is truly one of the most inspiring movies ever made!
And just think, Emma and her team get to compete on that SAME ice! Wow. Pretty cool!

So, that's the report from today - as you can see the snow is still falling, but we are here and tomorrow is going to be a great day!

Thanks for stopping by and GO NATIONAL BLADES!!!


  1. I'm so excited for you ALL! I know this will be an adventure that you will always treasure. So glad you arrived safely and will be waiting for reports on the competition.


  2. Rooting for National Blades!! Glad you are safe, and take care going back home! Loved the photos. We are snowed in right now, but it is absolutely gorgeous! So is your card on the previous post! Gotta case that! If that's ok...


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