Friday, February 4, 2011

Lake Placid Adventure - Game Day!

I love the National Blades. I love being a team Mom and I love watching these girls skate their hearts out.
But I just want to go on record as NOT being a fan of a 5 am wake-up call for a 6 am rink show up! Nope, not now, not ever! Just sayin'!

Now, you'd never know from this picture of the team doing their warm up that they were just as sleepy as the adults were - the strains of Taio Cruz singing "Dynomite" should be enough to get anyone going - today, not so much!

I just have to say here that we were in THE 1980 Miracle on Ice arena and locker rooms - I'm so geeked out - it's so cool!!!

Anyway, here is the team doing a visualization of the perfect performance while their music is played for them. I promise they are NOT sleeping!

And you can see by this amazing Triangle Pass Through, that the girls were on their game today - even at that early hour - they were so ready for this competition.

And Yes, that's THE Olympic ICE!!!

So, after practice, breakfast and video breakdowns, the girls all got their hair and glittery make up done. Here's my beautiful skater:

And that gorgeous hairstyle!

They were ready to make their own history on this historic ice.
This sign gave me goosebumps - I got to stand right under it, right by the ice!

So, lemme tell ya, the girls went out and skated one of their best programs ever - they were truly amazing and so beautiful! But today, there were 8 teams that were better than they were in the judges eyes, so they proudly took 9th out of 13 - knowing they had skated their absolute best! I'd walk you back through the moments right after in the dressing room, but I'm a little tired as I write this and actually a lot emotionally drained.
Let's just say that this team Mom couldn't be prouder of these girls!

Here's a great photo of the team and coaches just after they came off the ice.

Their smiles and the light in their eyes says it all!
Thanks Lake Placid for some fabulous memories - we'll be back to skate on your ice again!


PS. We will hopefully have a video of the girls skate posted on my Facebook page after we get home on Monday evening. Mark forgot to bring the patch cord for the video camera!


  1. Congratulations to the team! I'm sure they were awesome. And about that 5am wake up call? You can sleep some other time!
    Hugs to Emma.
    Be safe.

  2. Great pictures! Thanks so much for sharing! Way to go Emma and the team! :D

  3. Wow, Robin -- Emma is looking so grown up! What music did they skate to -- love their costumes! Blessings, Gretchen


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