Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Founder's Circle - Day One

I know my posts for Founders Circle are a bit out of order -
truth is, I didn't have all my photos downloaded yet yesterday, so I'm backtracking a bit, k?

Here is a shot I took from the window of the toy plane that flew us from Salt Lake City to St. George.
Never been in a prop plane before - it was an experience. Yeah....

Since I arrived a day early, this sign was still being hung on the front of the hotel when I got there, but this is what greeted all of us who arrived on Wednesday.
A nice intro to the beachy theme!

LOVE, LOVE these door signs!
Reminds me of being on a cruise ship.
Mine is now proudly displayed on my studio door. Come stamp with me soon and you can see it!

Here I'm having some sort of serious? conversation with Selma Galloway while Bonnie Thurber and Pam Morgan listen intently. Hahaha!
No, I think Selma was trying to teach me how she made her gorgeous tulle flowers.

Aren't they pretty??
Yes, I plan to make some then show you guys - can't hold out on you now can I?

Here is a pic of my placesetting at the opening night dinner.
Love these little flags!

The centerpieces were simply lovely.

We even had party favors!
It's a personalized monogram stamp - cool!

Loved this vase decoration!

Great photo of me with my tablemates.
Four of us were together on the 2010-11 Advisory Board, that was fun being at the same "random" table!

Standing L to R: Sharong Armstrong, Jan Wakeland, Barb Brimhall, Brenda Marshall, Ruth Bingle. Seated: Me, Karen Duke

Our first course was a yummy tomato, goat cheese and balsamic salad. SO good!

Here is a lovely shot of Karen and I with our seafood bibs. It was pretty funny seeing all of us done up in our bibs. It was worth it for the delicious seafood!

Crab Legs, Mussels, Shrimp, Chicken, Corn and Potatoes.
I gave my Mussels to Jan and Barb gave me her Shrimp - yumm!

This dessert was the bomb! No chocolate in sight and it was still delish!
Hot out of the oven, individual mixed berry cobblers with vanilla ice cream. Oh man - I wasn't counting those points.

After dinner, I got to spend some time with my AB gals from 2010. I hope the gals in the rooms around us weren't trying to sleep - we having a pretty good time. Love these ladies!

Back Row L to R: Stella Mackay, Me, Jan Wakeland, Meg Wheeler, Sharon Armstrong, Karen Duke. Front: Jodi Reinert, Georgia Giguere
I'm just grateful that Stella didn't save the photo of us all jumping on the bed......

Jodi and Sharon - you're too cute!!

Can you tell we had fun??
More pics tomorrow - promise!!

Happy Stampin'!

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