Saturday, September 22, 2012

Founders Circle - Extra Fun Stuff

I realized that I have lots of miscellaneous pictures to share from our fun time last week, so I put them in one post, ok?

Here is a shot of what I 'think' are all the goodies I had to find space in the luggage to bring home. Oh, and my door sign too.
I won the Simply Scored and Diagonal plate - that was fun to find space for! :)

Me being cute to test out the new camera I had to buy at Target.
Some poor dude was helping us out and taking a group photo of a few of us and dropped my camera. I was only upset because I NEED a camera at SU! events and my iPhone doesn't always cut it. So, I bought a cheap whizzy-snapper at Target to get me through and I'll be looking for a decent one here soon.

We had lunch and cupcakes at a cute little place in Historic St. George and they had this sign displayed:

Me stamping with Connie Steward to the left and Dawn Olchefske to the right - fun gals!

So, apparently Angie Juda and I were the only ones to get the blue/white clothing memo:

Dan, our new cameraman proudly showing off his first hand-stamped card. Maybe it's for his wife since he spent the week with 120 strange women! Ha!

Some of the fun, beachy displays in the Gathering Place:

Love this DSP wrapped canvas art piece:

Our very own Ice Cream Freezer! I need one of these in the Studio! Not!!

A very empty looking Plinko Prize corner:

Too cute banner:
(I want that wood box!)

Oh, this one's from home. Emma had her first school picture day of High School while I was gone. Mark did good remembering to send me a photo of her.
I think she's beautiful!

Me playing Plinko after our Zion Trip. You can see no one else was around - I was in desperate need of a shower!

And Emily bear guarding my oh, so soft fuzzy throw.
Emma always puts a stuffed animal from her room in my suitcase when I travel. She's done it since she was little and even at 14 still remembers to do it. I love the little piece of her and home in my hotel room.

Happy Saturday everyone!
I'm off to the studio to stamp for a deadline - you'll see the results soon, promise!


  1. Loved reading all about Founders Circle. Thanks for sharing your photos and making us all feel part of the big family of stampers!

  2. Love reading about your Founders Circle event. Thanks for sharing all the photos. It makes us feel part of this great family of stampers.


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