Thursday, September 20, 2012

Founders Circle - Share Night Fun

One of the most fun activities of Founders Circle is our Share Night where we Swap and Share and EAT and visit - all in our pj's!
There's something pretty cool about having a pj party with 120 of your friends!
(We have the whole hotel to ourselves, so no worries about strangers or weirdos messing up our fun either!)

All of us line up literally from one end of the hotel to the other - that's a looooong line of stampers - and we start at the far end with our swapping, ending up in the Gathering Place for fun food and our business/creative idea share.

Here is a photo looking down the line to my left - my buds Georgia Giguere, Jodi Reinert and Brenda Marshall are smiling for you:

Here is looking down the line to my right and you see Catherine Sanders, Alanna Wharf and Penny Thomas: (look at all those cards!!)

Here's my friends Linda Bauwin, Meg Loven and Barb Brimhall. Check out Meg's slippers!

Pam and Bonnie were handing out these awesome swap bags:

It was one of the best gifts we received last week in my opinion!

So, now for the FOOD!

As we were swapping, these yummy delicious Cinnamon Almonds were being created in the Gathering Place. You could smell the amazing aroma all through the hotel.
They were just as delicious as buying them from a street vendor in NYC! And the cute cones they were in were just adorable:

And honestly, aren't these some of the biggest rice krispie treats you've ever seen??
I had a Reeses Cup one and an M&M one - no surprise, eh?

Tiffany, this photo is for you my dear:

Here I am with Amy Storrie - love this gal and I'm excited that she's one of our Advisory Board Members this year. She, and the other five ladies are going to do a terrific job!

Loved this fun sign - it's so beachy and it changed a little bit each day:

You know SU! demos are some picture takin' fools:

Sandy Hancock, Deb Valder, Susan Paterson

And we love to ham it up for the camera too!

Deb Valder

Jan Burnett (from Metropolis, IL - home of Superman!) She's demonstrating for us.
Here's my sweet buddy from Iowa, Susie Wood. We met on her first Founder's Circle a few years ago and I've been blessed by her friendship ever since.

A fun photo of me with Linda Heller: 

And with my Advisory Board friend (and awesome 3rd level upline) Jan Wakeland - she's been a great friend to me and definitely one of the hardest working uplines/demos in our company.

There were 8 of us on Jan's RemARKable Stampers team at Founder's this year:

Back Row L to R: Joyce Feraco, Jan Wakeland, Ronda Wade, Christina Crawford. Front Row L to R: Me, Laurie Krauss, Tamra Davis, Jill Hilliard
Here's my sweet friend Mary Ellen Byler with my other sweet friend Bonnie Thurber. Mary Ellen and I discovered that we share the same birthday when we were on the Alaska Cruise together last year - cool!

And a fun pic of me with Bonnie:

As you can see, we have tons of fun and make memories that last a lifetime. My hearts desire is for my downline team members to experience Founders Circle one day. It's a fantastic event that's filled with friends, fun and pampering. Definitely the icing on this demonstrator's cupcake!

Happy stampin'!

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