Monday, September 10, 2012

My Awesome Husband

This is kind of a non-stamping post, but not really because it's about something cool that Mark did for me for my stamp room!
Ya'll know I love Pinterest - I do and I have to admit, it sucks me in more than I'd like because there are so doggone many fantastic ideas on there. I also love vintage stuff. Way more than I should due to the size of my house. The rooms can only hold just so much stuff.

Well, anyway, I'd found this way cool three tiered stand on Pinterest back in the Winter and asked Mark if he thought he could recreate it.
He said "Uh..." and I said "Great! Thanks Honey!" I knew he could even before he could say "Why yes dear, I'd love to break out  my manly power tools and put my handyman hat on to create this absolutely AMAZING stand for you to use in your studio!" Or something like that.

So, off we went antiquing and managed to locate the four major items needed for this super cool pie tin stand: a vintage wooden rolling pin (with red handles) and three 10" pie tins. The rest was all up to him.

When I got back from the beach last month, he had this masterpiece waiting to surprise me:

Isn't it awesome?!

You can see I've put it to good use on my vintage enamel top kitchen table that is my primary work space in the studio now.
It's perfect for holding my basic stamping tools/supplies for any project.
This photo is of my 120 swaps for Founder's Circle that were as yet - unassembled.

I'm happy to report that they are almost done now - just 40 more to Tombow together then they all go into their tidy clear envelopes. Oh yeah - my family has been a swap making machine this weekend. God bless em'. Not only did Mark make me this gorgeous stand, but he was King of the Big Shot and did almost all of my die cutting and embossing for me.
Emma chipped in and did the coloring on my focal layer - she's very good at it and actually enjoys it - go figure!
I even got four of the skating Moms at the rink on Sunday to help me with the 420 Stampin' Dimensionals that my swaps needed.
Definitely a joint effort and I'm forever grateful!

Here's a photo of  the pie tin stand I originally found on Pinterest:

I think there is someone who sells them in an etsy store, but the idea had been repinned so many times I couldn't track it back that far. This is when it really pays to have a handy hubby who's willing to go the extra mile.
Love that man!

Happy Monday peeps,
Check back tomorrow for a project idea! I'll be on an airplane headed to Founder's Circle in St. George, Utah, but I've got posts planned for you all week long.
That's right! Who loves ya?



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