Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fun Times at Leadership!

Like I said on Monday - Leadership Conference was Awesome! 
I enjoyed all the training, creativity and inspiration - 
But, mostly, I enjoyed my stampin' peeps. 
A lot. 

I have some of the most wonderful friends because of Stampin' Up! And I mostly only get to see them at events, which is why I'll never miss one if I can help it. 

Anyway, here's a bunch of us on our first night in Orlando, enjoying dinner OUTSIDE at the Taverna Opa. 

L to R front row: Julie S., Me, Tara B., Michelle T. back row: Wendy H., Georgia G., Linda B., Tiffany B.
So, I roomed with 5 other gals - some of my bffs from Colorado, Connecticut and Indiana. We rented a car - that well, was a teensy bit smaller than we needed. 
I call this the clown car shot:

Fun times, that. Well, not for them - I was driving the whole time!

Here's a photo of my peeps Lyssa Zwolanek and Georgia Giguere. They are part of my GoDivas swap group - really fantastic stampers. 

And me with my buds Tara Bazata, Michelle Thieriault and of course Tiffany Bauer.
Don't know what I'd do without these fun friends!

GoDivas Swappers - Leadership 2013

After our swap, I went and met up with Janet Wakeland, my 3rd level upline, Advisory Board buddy and friend.

I also got to see my friend Tamra Davis. Tamra and I got to know each other better at Jan's RAD 10 retreat in December - such a fun lady - love her sense of humor!

And her creativity! Check out her cool nametag:

Yep, she's pretty talented!

So, that evening we had Manager's Reception. SU! rented out the Harry Potter park at Universal Studios just for us. I'm not a HP fan at all, and didn't understand any of the story, but it was a really well done park. The food and rides were outstanding!
Here we are before getting on our bus to the park:

And at one of the special signs that sported our Logo around the park - cool, huh?

The next morning we headed back over to the convention center for a days worth of classes and training.
Don't we look good?? haha!

SU! announced the new My Paper Pumpkin monthly creativity subscription and guess what? We ALL got the Try-It Kit AND the Welcome Kit! WooHoo!!


Dinner that night was pretty quick since we had to be back at 7 for the Pajama Party. We hit Senor Frogs and had appetizers. 
I'd never eaten there before but my sliders were pretty good. 
The balloon hats apparently are a tradition so we all were sporting them when we left the restaurant.

Tara said we all had to wear our hats to the Pajama Party back at the convention center - so me being the sheep I am, I obeyed.
Don't we look lovely?

There might be something to this balloon hat thing - I won Prize Patrol for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!
No, I didn't save my hat, but I might have to find another one at Convention in July. 
Just sayin'.

Here we are all rested and ready for our last day of Leadership fun. We took iPhone self portraits before the first General Session.

And what a fun surprise when we ALL got a Silver Anniversary Gift from SU! 
It IS there 25th Anniversary dontcha know......

Ok, here's something pretty to break up the endless photos of all the FUN I had in sunny Orlando. 
Not that I'm rubbing it in or anything. 

This is one of the panels of the banner Shelli is creating for their cabin. She showed us the banner from her Main Stage presentation as a work in progress. 
I love what I see so far!

Here's one more panel. LOVE the chalkboard look. 
I'll be duplicating this for a class you can bet your bottom dollar. 

Here's a photo I actually like of me. (Orlando humidity and my hair do NOT mix well.) My buddy Kimberly VanDiepen took this of me at our Advisory Board luncheon. Our menu was in the cute little folder I'm holding. 

We were treated to a fabulous meal at the Cuba Libre restaurant. It was FABULOUS!
Here's a photo of the centerpieces. 
The bright flowers in the vintage cans were super creative and so fresh looking. 
The pulled pork filled empanadas were pretty fabulous too. 
But you know me and food.
I do return to Weight Watchers tomorrow. :)

This little cutie-patootie box is a BIG secret! 
It contains a Sneak Peek of an upcoming *thing* from Stampin' Up! 
I can't show ANYONE - Shelli came around to each table to make us promise not to tell. 

I know you really want to know, but ya gotta wait. Ok? 
Pinky Promise that I'll make some cute samples with it and show you those. 
Anyway, the package was too cute not to show you. 

Had to show the Mock Mojito. 
It was super yummy!

Here are my 1st year Advisory Board ladies. 
We're missing two - Christy Harsch and Kim Peck who couldn't make Leadership this year. 
Love these gals! 

L to R, bottom row: Me, Tara, Martha A., top row: Kimberly, Jan M., Ann C.
And one last fun shot for ya. 
These are our fun-tastic Business Coaches. 
Yes, they are all in pj's and yes, their boss is wearing my hat. 
Don't ever let anyone tell you we don't have fun. 
Yeppers, that we do. 

Have a great day, everyone! I'll be back with something pretty tomorrow.:)


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